Pilot is episode 1 of Season 1 of Growing Pains.


The upwardly mobile, suburban Seaver family experiences some growing pains when Maggie Seaver returns to work as a newspaper reporter, Jason Seaver moves his psychiatric practice into the home, and 15-year-old son Mike asks for more freedom and gets it.

Mike convinces Jason to let him go to a under 20's dance club called "The House of Sweet" with his older friend Jerry 'dog killer' Dellish, who has a car. Mike is put in jail for underage driving in the parking lot of "The House of Sweet", and side-swiping a police car with damages reaching $350.

Guest Cast


  • Mike's hair length changes across scenes. His hair is noticeably longer and more curly in some scenes (those with Tracey Gold) than in others. This occurs because they re-shot the scenes with Tracey Gold to replace the scenes with Elizabeth Ward, who played Carol in the unaired pilot.


  • The Seavers' address was 15 Robin Hood Lane, Massapequa, New York, a fictional street in a real town.
  • Elizabeth Ward can be seen 'loitering' in the background at the police station.