Richie is a recurring character in Growing Pains.


Season 1

Carol's Article

Richie is a writer for the school news paper the "Walt Whitman Chronicle".

Carol's Crush

Carol uses Richie to try and make Jeff jealous, introducing Richie as her 'significant other'.But when she takes him up to her bedroom he confesses his love for her and Carol makes Richie leave via the window.

Slice of Life II

Richie and Carol are working together on a social studies project where the two are married. Carol is less than thrilled to be working with Richie but if they don't turn in the paper by Monday they'll receive an F. Carol finds out Richie paid $60 to get her as a partner for the project, and she is enchanted with Richie's romanticism.

Season 3


Richie supports Carol at the candidate speeches for high school student body president. He tells Carol the only reason Mike is on the ballad for school president is because Robert Jordan had a few friends on the nominating committee.

A Star Is Born

Richie has a part is the school play.

Return of the Seavers

Richie and his wife plan on buying the Seaver home from Ben.