Season 1 of Growing Pains.


The doctor is in. Psychiatric Doctor Jason Seaver moves his practice into his home so his wife Maggie can pursue a new career as a journalist... so Jason will be there for his children Mike, Carol, and Ben, as they go through life's growing pains.



  1. Pilot
  2. Springsteen
  3. Jealousy
  4. Carol's Article
  5. Superdad
  6. Mike's Madonna Story
  7. Weekend Fantasy
  8. Slice of Life
  9. Carol's Crush
  10. Dirt Bike
  11. Standardized Test
  12. A Christmas Story
  13. The Love Song of M. Aaron Seaver
  14. First Blood
  15. Slice of Life II
  16. The Seavers vs. the Cleavers
  17. Charity Begins at Home
  18. Reputation
  19. The Anniversary That Never Was
  20. Be a Man
  21. Career Decision
  22. Extra Lap