Season 3 of Growing Pains.


Jason's ability to look at the bright side turns a family vacation in Maui - a vacation that would be called a disaster by anyone else's standards - into a positive experience. Back on Long Island, when their house is burglarised, the Seavers realise their sense of security is worth more than any stolen possession. Maggie gets hired at a TV station, Mike runs for student body president of his high school and, when Carol turns in an exam that she bluffed her way through because she didn't study and gets an A+ on it, she has serious doubts about the importance of grades and education.



  1. Aloha: Part 1
  2. Aloha: Part 2
  3. Taking Care of Business
  4. Not Necessarily the News
  5. Michaelgate
  6. Big Brother's Not Watching
  7. A Star Is Born
  8. Gone But Not Forgotten
  9. Who's Zoomin' Who?
  10. This Is Your Life
  11. Broadway Bound
  12. The Scarlet Letter
  13. A Reason to Live
  14. Nasty Habits
  15. The Marrying Kind
  16. State of the Union
  17. The Mom Who Knew Too Much
  18. Great Expectations
  19. Dance Fever: Part 1
  20. Dance Fever: Part 2
  21. Bringing Up Baby
  22. The Obscure Objects of Our Desire: Part 1
  23. The Obscure Objects of Our Desire: Part 2
  24. How the West Was Won: Part 1
  25. How the West Was Won: Part 2
  26. Graduation Day