Season 4 of Growing Pains.


The more things change, the more the Seavers stay the same! And they do change, Mike is starting college, Carol is starting to get cynical, Ben is starting to date and Maggie is about to give birth! While Jason does his best to keep the family grounded, he finds his clan starting to chafe at their old roles - like when he tries to actually ground the 'grown-up' Mike. As father and son reconcile their changing roles, Maggie confronts her fears about labour and Ben has to deal with his new baby sister, Christine, stealing his birthday and his place in the family. But Big Brother Ben has more than enough Seaver sense to rise to his new role while the clan confronts new challenges.



  1. Fool for Love
  2. Birth of a Seaver
  3. Family Ties: Part 1
  4. Family Ties: Part 2
  5. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
  6. Homecoming Queen
  7. Nude Photos
  8. Ben's First Kiss
  9. The Nanny
  10. Mandingo
  11. In Carol We Trust
  12. Mom of the Year
  13. Semper Fidelis
  14. Feet of Clay
  15. Anniversary from Hell
  16. Fortunate Son
  17. Double Standard
  18. The Recruiter
  19. Show Ninety: Who Knew?
  20. Second Chance
  21. The Looooove Boat: Part 1
  22. The Looooove Boat: Part 2