Season 5 of Growing Pains.


Mike gets engaged to Julie, the family babysitter, Carol finds her college plans derailed, while Ben starts to take after big brother Mike in all the wrong ways! It’s a good thing youngest Seaver Chrissy is still too small to put Jason and Maggie through their paces - so far! Start with near-matrimony and ends with a real funeral. Along the way, Mike returns to high school... as a teacher, Carol begins to mend her broken heart, Ben tries his hand at film-making, and Jason and Maggie revisit their domestic arrangement.



  1. Anger with Love
  2. Mike and Julie's Wedding
  3. Carol Meets the Real World
  4. Fish Bait
  5. Teach Me
  6. Carol's Papers
  7. Coughing Boy
  8. The New Deal: Part 1
  9. The New Deal: Part 2
  10. Paper Route
  11. Five Grand
  12. Carol's Promotion
  13. Ben and Mike's Excellent Adventure
  14. The Triangle
  15. The Return of the Triangle
  16. The Home Show
  17. Jason vs. Maggie
  18. Mike, Kate and Julie
  19. Mike, the Teacher
  20. Carol in Jail
  21. Future Shock
  22. Cheating
  23. Mike the Director
  24. Weekend at Mike's
  25. Ben's Movie
  26. Where There's a Will