Season 6 of Growing Pains.


Moving out does not necessarily mean moving on, as Jason and Maggie discover when Mike and Carol move to the Big Apple together - to be roommates! As that arrangement goes about as swimmingly as the elder Seavers could have predicted, Ben struggles with life lessons about the true rewards of high school vanities, while Chrissy struggles just to get noticed by her busy family. Carol learns something about life on the other side of the tracks, and Maggie must confront her father’s mortality.



  1. Mike's Choice
  2. Midnight Cowboy
  3. Roommates
  4. Daddy Mike
  5. Ben's Sure Thing
  6. Jason Flirts, Maggie Hurts
  7. Happy Halloween: Part 1
  8. Happy Halloween: Part 2
  9. Let's Go Europe: Part 1
  10. Let's Go Europe: Part 2
  11. Let's Go Europe: Part 3
  12. Divorce Story
  13. The World According to Chrissy
  14. How Could I Leave Her Behind?
  15. Like Father, Like Son
  16. Ben's Rap Group
  17. Eddie, We Hardly Knew Ye
  18. Maggie Seaver's: The Meaning of Life
  19. All the World's a Stage
  20. Not with My Carol You Don't
  21. Meet the Seavers
  22. Carol's Carnival
  23. Home Schooling
  24. Viva Las Vegas