Season 7 of Growing Pains.


As Mike prepares to attend teacher’s college; Jason suggests that he teach some remedial classes at the local community center. Uneasy goings for Mike turn around; in part thanks to his best and brightest student; Luke Brower. But Mike discovers that Luke has a secret - he has no family or home. Luke soon finds himself at home with the Seavers; in Carol’s room. Too bad Mike forgot to tell Carol! Carol has a new old beau, Dwight. Ben has a crush on Sasha Serotsky and Chrissy wants a pony.



  1. Back to School
  2. Stop, Luke and Listen
  3. In vino veritas
  4. Paper Tigers
  5. The Young and the Homeless
  6. Jason Sings the Blues
  7. The Kid's Still Got It
  8. There Must Be a Pony
  9. The Big Fix
  10. Home Malone
  11. Bad Day Cafe
  12. B=MC2
  13. It's Not Easy Being Green
  14. The Call of the Wild
  15. Honest Abe
  16. Vicious Cycle
  17. Menage a Luke
  18. The Five Fingers of Ben
  19. Don't Go Changin'
  20. The Truck Stops Here
  21. Maggie's Brilliant Career
  22. The Wrath of Con Ed
  23. The Last Picture Show: Part 1
  24. The Last Picture Show: Part 2